44 years to the Six Day War

Visuals by Yair Gil 27/5-3/6/2011

Violence on the vigil last Friday 27/5/2011 in all 3 major cities of Israel: In Jerusalem, a guy had a kind of water hose and kept it trained on all the women, even with the police standing there and watching. In Tel Aviv, a guy kept screaming at the women that they had "blood on their hands", and then spilled some red dye over ...the whole line of women, staining their skin and clothes. In Haifa, a bus driver on duty drove up to the vigil, let loose a tirade of invective, drove up on the plaza barely missing them, then continued on his way. Gila Svirsky on Women in Black FaceBook page, June 1st 2011.


A bus driver on duty drove up to the Women in Blak vigil; May 27 2011




44 Years to the Six Day War: June 3rd 2011, Unesco Square for Tolerance and Peace, Haifa



Visuals by yg100@walla.co.il


44 Years to the Six Day War. Tel Aviv June 4 2011 ארבעים וארבע שנים למלחמת ששת הימים






Women in Black were insulted and attacked with red painture by a violent man- YouTube

Peace Now  הפגנה גדולה בתל אביב במלאת 44 שנים למלחמת ששת הימים   4.6.2011 Tel Aviv

פורום משפחות שכולות למען שלום +נקודת מפגש

ב-4 ביוני: ישראל אומרת כן - מר"ץ




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